Melchior Leonard Flinspach 
Grossgartach/Lauffen, Germany
Melchior Leonard Flinspach born 1716 twin brother of Ludwig Heinrick
married Sophia Cathrina Rembold daughter of Johann George Rembold and Elisabeth Pfister

Melchior's twin brother (Ludwig) stayed in Lauffen Germany his hometown. His decendants immigrated to America in about 1850. First to New York and then to the Oil City and Franklin area Pennsylvania.  I talked to and met Don and June Flinspach in Franklin Pa and
they wrote down there Flinspach Genealogy
They knew nothing about York Pa because they never lived there nor did there first Flinspach relatives in America.  Some of them Go by the name Flinspach - some by Flinchbaugh
Don Flinspach said they were made to change their names in school from the more German sounding name to Flinchbaugh. 

From all my research - the older name in THIS country is not Flinspach as was Melchiors name when he stepped off the ship in Philadelphis 1753.  The older names had been changed a long time ago to the more common Flinchbaugh spelling.  New names will have the original German spelling as FLINSPACH.
Because the English at that time tried to make all names sound English or they just could not understand our German speaking. 1700 - 1850's

                   Children of Melchior Flinspach and Sophia Cathrina Rembold

Johann Adam Flinspach born 1739 Died 1820 buried Blymiers Cem
married  Magaledena Seigen

George Martin Flinspach born 1742 died 1803 no gravestone to be found
married Barbara Pfiester

Christoph Ludwig Flinchbaugh born 1745 in Lauffen Germany died 1776  York Pa
married possibly Elizabeth Blymire

Sophia Cathrina Flinspach born 1747  in Germany died 1788
married Jacob Blymier

Regina Margaretha Flinchbaugh born (?) in Germany died abt 1781 Lycoming Co  Pa
married Jacob Dohm/Tome/Tomb born York Co Pa in Mifflin Twp Lycoming Co Pa

Rosina Margartha Flinspach born 1753 died January 20 1820 Dauphin Co Pa
married - Christopher Schupp/Shoop, was born November 1743 Lancaster County

John Frederick Flinspach - Spelled Flinchbach on his gravestone  born in Dauphin Co Pa or Lancaster (?) 1764 died 1837
married Christina Pfeister daughter of John Jacob Pfeister and Cathrine (?)
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Here is a Time-Line of Lauffen Germany - Where this Family Imigrated From
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